About Us

Rectrix rug installed

What We Make

We make border rugs, initial rugs, logo rugs; just about anything your imagination can design. Virtually any design which can be line drawn can be brought to life in carpet.

Each carpet is made custom to your requirements, it is not massed produced.

Work with our rug designer or design it on your own!

We can help you to design a unique rug that perfectly suits your interior decor. Choose from an elegant traditional design or opt for a more contemporary modern look.

Contact me and let’s discuss your new custom design.


made-in-usa-smOnly the best carpet, made in the U.S.A. is used to create our designs. We believe that the way back to a strong and healthy United States is to support businesses here at home.  A large number of the premade carpets on the market at this time come from China or are made overseas. Most of the items on the store shelves are made overseas therefore a drastic number of Americans are losing their jobs to other countries, help your yourself and your community by actively looking for products that are made in the USA.

Custom inlaid carpet is created by skillfully blending two or more pieces of carpet of almost unlimited colors, textures, and sizes into a desired pattern. This technique transforms mere carpet into a vibrant design statement.

The possibilities are infinite. Any design that can be line drawn can be inlaid into carpet.  We also offer custom binding services. We can hand sew tapestry or upholstery fabric onto the edge of carpet.

Each carpet we produce is made to your specifications. Click here to send me an email… I will get back to you with answers to your questions or design ideas!